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FEA manuals wonʼt prepare you for complex, real-life engineering problems.
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Unfortunately, as you might have already found, most finite element analysis training courses focus too much on the software and theory.

They may provide CFD and Nastran training, but will not teach you how to apply it in practice.

And you need practice to get the job done.

Fea Training

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I provide flexible, online training in every stage of the FEA process, from development planning to reporting.

With my background in Finite Element Modelling and unique focus on practical Finite Element Analysis applications, you will learn everything you need to upskill the right way and thrive in your industry.

Upskill the Right Way

Learn everything from development planning to reporting and obtain the skills you need to thrive in your industry

Inventor Nastran - FEA Nikita Gurov

Easy Path to FEA

Learn to work with Autodesk Inventor Nastran and get in-depth, practical knowledge of the entire FEA process.

Inventor Nastran - FEA Mentoring - Nikita Gurov

FEA Enabled Design

Master FEA with professional guidance, hands-on work, and feedback on your own models.

Autodesk CFD - CFD Training - Nikita Gurov

CFD Custom Training

Learn how to use Autodesk CFD and the CFD method of modelling with practical exercises.

Each course will train you in FEA and FEM in a hands-on way

Because my ultimate goal is to equip industry professionals like you with practical FEA skills to solve real-life problems.

I will work with you from your existing knowledge and give you the support you need to create exceptional, highly competitive models, solve complex problems, and start properly building your future in FEA.

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Nik’s provides a holistic and hands-on approach to the simulation of reality from a stress perspective. The training shows how different aspects of the model – constraints and loads, contacts, mesh convergence, tricky stress concentrators and others – impact accuracy of the analysis. It was eye opening to see design optimisation process through several analysis iterations. Nik’s training is suitable for both beginners and those who would like to advance their FEA skills.

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Deon van Deventer -
Director OKAJARO

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I felt like I learned more in this course than I did in a semester at university. I learned about linear and shell elements, which wasn’t something we touched on during my course. The knowledge and techniques from the FEA course are directly applicable to my work. That will then give me confidence going forward with new designs and applying what I’ve learned so that the results I get will actually translate to the real world.

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Michael Finan
Design Engineer

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During the program Nik used real models from my projects and showed me different FEA techniques, such as Autodesk Inventor Frame Generator to choose right sections for the frame, separation contacts, extracting weld bodies, merging solid models with the welding, creating shell and hybrid models. Shell and hybrid modeling techniques were new to me, and it was something I wouldn’t be able to learn without Nik. It was also interesting to learn how a stress picture can change depending on the precision of the FEA model.

Dwayne Minch
Mechanical Engineer at R4ENG

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Nikita went in-depth in explaining the analysis and modules - how all the different nodes and surfaces worked and interacted. Usually off the shelf tutorials would explain how to do something but it wouldn’t explain why. He went into detail and I think that made the training stand out more. He taught me the structure behind everything as well as how to get more benefit out of the software. I basically went in there with minimal knowledge and Nikita expanded that. The introduction gave me the basic knowledge but then his mentoring upped it to a new level. It gave me further knowledge faster. There’s standard training and there’s what he does.”

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David Bugeja
Compliance Engineer

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I have trained over 100 engineers, individually and in different companies. Customizing my face-to-face training to suit client needs, I worked out ways and techniques to analyse designs from various industries – mining, building, automotive and others. I achieved success in “smuggling” best-practices from aerospace into other industries and learned how to translate complex engineering concepts into simple guidelines.

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Nikita Gurov

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