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FEA Training - Nikita Gurov

As someone with an Aerospace Engineering degree and 16 years of engineering experience, I know that FEA is crucial to solving complex problems. For instance, I worked as a stress engineer for Boeing, where FEA proved instrumental in analysing the wing parts of the 787 Dreamliner and 747-8.

I later worked for General Electric, where using full software capabilities and automation was vital to delivering results on time.

But after opening my own engineering software consultancy, I saw that however necessary FEA and CAD software were to the engineering process, engineers and firms alike were struggling to implement them. Because put simply, existing methods of FEA training were failing them.

So when I became a certified Autodesk instructor, I chose a different approach.

In my first course, instead of teaching from a manual, I prepared a Finite Element Model based on a model brought in by one of my students. I went over the FEA process step-by-step, incorporating what I learned in my career and translating complex concepts into simple, practical guidelines for my students to follow. Seeing how this hands-on approach benefitted them, I continue to apply it in my FEA training program.

Ultimately, my goal is to share my knowledge and experience and advance your FEA skills. So if you want to learn how to get the job done, I’m happy to teach you.